• Malissa + Justin

    There are many joys that go along with being a photographer. The majority of my own typically comes from the reactions of my clients to their photos. It is an inexpressible feeling- the happiness that I feel when I have had the opportunity to capture significant and meaningful moments for people in the form of a picture.

    With Malissa and Justin, though, my experience was somewhat different. Not that they didn't bring me joy with their reactions- it was actually that they brought me so much joy just taking their photographs. The afternoon we spent together, I was able to witness so much joy, unabated happiness, and pure love... that towards the end, I would be lying if I said I did not have tears in my eyes.

    These two people are precious. I am so glad they have found each other, and I am glad for the world that they are going to be in it as a married couple.

  • 4th of July

    Today I had the opportunity to photograph SO many things! Friends, a race, a wedding.... the opportunities were endless. Here are some examples of my day (and BOY am I tired!)

    By the way, if you are the mom or dad of the little cutie pie pictured below at the race, please contact me so I can get a copy of that to you!

  • Bentley

    Oh this precious girl! 

    Something about life on the mountain makes us run more, laugh more and soak in this beautiful world a little bit more.

    Oh, and her mother is a WONDERFUL soul. So glad I've gotten to know her.

    I am glad to know that there are still great kids out there who get to play outside and get dirty and love the world they are growing up in!

  • Summer 2015

    Oh here we go :)

    Weddings, babies, family portraits- a photographer's summer is here!

    My husband and I are planning a very photogenic trek to Denver, Jackson, WY and Yellowstone this summer, so if you are planning to book- space is relatively limited! Book as soon as possible.

    Also, believe it or not, 2016 wedding season is basically upon us, planning-wise.

    Weddings booked by August 31 of this year will receive a 15% discount off of all packages!

  • Anna and David Moates

    Travelling to Mississippi this weekend was such an experience! I got to see old friends, enjoyed some unexpectedly warm weather and photographed an elegant, heart-warming, back-yard wedding. Did I mention seeing old friends? I loved that part. I know Anna and her family from way back to 2006, and seeing them all this weekend was a delight. She has some wonderful parents and friends (seriously- her maid-of-honor was one of the best I've ever seen). She and David are a truly blessed couple- and I know their marriage will continue to be so!

  • Alex and Alison Courington

    It is always so wonderful to be part of wedding when you really know the couple getting married. It's like going to a reunion/party that you're invited to and getting to document all of the precious moments and details. A big thank you to Alex and Alison for letting me be with them on their amazing day!

  • Kasidy Paige Barger

    Oh this little girl!! She's so precious, warm and I just wanted to cuddle her all afternoon :) Little Kasidy was welcomed into the world just four days ago by mom and dad Lydia and Dale Barger and big sister Kenzie. I am so glad to have met her! Welcome to the world, and to our family, sweet Kasidy.

  • Blake + Chelsey

    There is not much I love more than a weekend with my friends- a close second is a weekend with my friends photographing a family member's wedding. There is something so sweet about being part of that special day, and knowing the people involved and being able to capture their special moments. This one was even a little emotional for me, as the groom's sister is one of my very best friends in the world! So happy to have been here for this- congratulations to a beautiful couple- Blake and Chelsey McCarroll.

    Check here for more photos soon.

  • Mallory

    Isn't she lovely?
    Aside from being absolutely gorgeous, she is also a sweet, sweet girl with whom I was lucky enough to spend an afternoon in the beautiful sunshine. These are technically my first "senior" portraits- as in the classic, senior-year photos to send out in invitations, and they went wonderfully!

    Check out her gallery HERE- it will be updated soon!

  • Oh it has been far too long since I've blogged!
    In my defense: graduate school.

    Here's to being almost done (May!!)... AND to the fact that one of my favorite babies in the whole world just turned 1!!
    Sweet Annie Grace is a little doll.